Mutton Art!

Via Kevin, and some smart lads, some sheep, and some talented sheepdogs:

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Father Ted vs The Exorcist

Time for a Father Ted video! Someone did a great mash-up of Father Ted and the Exorist!

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Fork Handles!

A funny one from Sean from an British Comedy Duo who were on TV in the 1970’s and 1980’s:

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Chewing the Fat!

And some funny Scottish humour, or humor for everyone on the West side of the Atlantic! 🙂

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When husband’s buy the wrong gift!

Ilya sent me this! I’m not posting the original file he sent me, but someone put this copy on YouTube! It appears to be an advertising for a UK site call LittleWoods Direct.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar – The Complete Adventures

From Liz! From “That Mitchell and Webb Look” and comedy show on British TV:

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Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel

And some background on the whole Sarah Silverman/MattDamon/Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck thing:

In case your not aware it’s all just a joke! 🙂

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Sarah Silverman/MattDamon/Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck

And from Liz:
“If you want a laugh, check out these clips. I guess Jimmy ends most of his shows with “My apologies to Matt Damon – we ran out of time.” His girlfriend decided to take it a bit further…”

And here’s Jimmy’s response:

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